Objectives and Functions of the Foundation

    To take all possible initiatives to engage, skill & Develop young adults and under-privileged children, who for want of proper educational and sports facilities, may take to crime, in selected Police Stations.

    To identify the areas and assess the feasibility of implementing the initiatives.

    To arrange art workshops and vocational studies to keep such young children and adults engaged in constructive activities for acquiring life skills to become responsible citizens.

    To engage willing NGOs, corporate houses and social volunteer organizations or bodies for augmenting resources for the execution of the initiatives.

    To disseminate information about the initiatives undertaken by the Foundation for underprivileged and street children for the awareness and support of general public.

    To lay down necessary administrative, financial, legal and technical framework and resources for the initiatives.

    To seek and accept grants, donations, assistance from public bodies, corporations, companies or trusts Indian corporation /companies and foundations for the purposes of the Foundation and to manage efficient, effective and permissible fund flow and fund utilization in consonance with the objects stated herein.

    To enter into any arrangements/agreements with any Government (s) or authorities whether Central, State, municipal, local or any other agency including NGOs, Corporate Houses, Social Volunteer Organizations or bodies that may seem conducive to the objectives of the Foundation. The Foundation shall not accept any help from anyone in his individual capacity. To allow promoters/sponsors of any Organisation/Department/ Authority to initiate any productive activity such as development of playing grounds in indentified localities provided or allocated by government bodies.

    To decide whether the promoters/sponsors of any Organisation / Department/Authority should be allowed to carry sponsored activities for their publicity.

    To organize and participate in seminars, conferences, fairs related to the objects of the Foundation and to compile, collate, edit and publish technical reports and papers related to the objects of the Foundation.

    To pay all expenses, preliminary or incidental to the formation of the Foundation and its registration as a Society as per the statute.

    To run educational institutions, training institutions and publish books, reports, journals, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, thesis, research papers, writings, discoveries, documents, news and information etc.

    And to generally undertake all such other lawful activities, as may be incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives of the Foundation.

    To enter into collaborations, MoUs, partnerships, agreements and contracts with Indian and/or foreign individuals, companies or other organizations for transfer, sale, purchase of equipment and for technical, financial or any other assistance for carrying out all or any of the objects of the Foundation. To hire professionals, consultants and other specialized agencies as deemed necessary for efficient handling and conduct of the business of the Foundation.

    To mobilize financial / non-financial resources for complementing / supplementing the Foundation’s activities in the State/UT.

    To organize training, meetings, conferences, policy review studies /surveys, workshops for improving the implementation of the initiative/objective of the Foundation in the State/UT.

    To undertake such other activities for strengthening Foundation initiatives in the State/UT as may be identified from time to time in future.

    To do all such other lawful things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives of the Foundation.