Saurabh Sethi


Mosaic Workskills Pvt. Ltd.

Mosaic Workskills Pvt. Ltd is imparting training to the identified candidates at the centres of PS New Usmanpur & PS Rohini South in North District under Delhi Police - YUVA Initiative. The project aims at providing training primarily to Delhi Police’s identified restless youth under YUVA initiative in Delhi. Initially their orientation towards training was not adequate. With proper counseling, their focus was insured towards the training. As a result, a positive change in the lives of restless youths is seen, who are considered as a challenge to society at present. Livelihood/ employment opportunities are provided to connect them with mainstream jobs so that they can lead a normal life. Under skill development training, these beneficiaries are not only educated and trained about skill ecosystem, but are also taught various learning like Self Defense, Life Skills, Soft Skills, Personality Development, Emergency training, Yoga etc.

This proved advantageous in changing their lives & motivated them to go for self-employment & other job opportunities. With the YUVA initiative, we are glad to partner in bringing about socio-economic change in the country and we look forward to fulfil our social responsibility alongside Delhi Police.