N.K. Sharma


Sri Radha Krishna Infotech Private Limited

We, Sri Radha Krishna Infotech Pvt. Ltd., have doing in skills for quite a long time but were feeling something missing. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Delhi Police for providing such an opportunity that where we could set new remarks in the era skills Training.

During the skill training in YUVA, we came across several trainees who were really needed some skills and job placements. Which if not had been provided, in personal opinion, could result into some serious issues like they were might be most vulnerable to crime and offence.

These trainings has helped Youths in confidence building, personality development, in getting jobs, and more, some of them are now offering jobs to other in their own business. We are also exploring other horizons like OJT, industry visit, HRs visit to center for sharing interview tips and experience.

Here, it can't go without saying that all these have brought lots of major changes among the trainees. For example they are now more confident, they are now playing a vital role in their family earnings. At last but not least they have begun to look upon police force with some positive angles with lots of hope.

I believe, all this couldn't happen without the Delhi police initiative and once again I specially thank Delhi Police and NSDC. to come up with this unique and new approach for social reform.